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I dont know if this is possible but I hope it is and figure at least I will ask the pros here. One of my favorite payware airports is a small Airport with a single runway in northern norway called Svolvaer. Aerosoft has done an extremely nice representation of the Airport and I love it except for the fact that it is sloped meaning no AI traffic at all. I went ahead and purchased it anyway but to me the slope normally is a dealbreaker, I want my AI traffic :) At present it rest on the shelf and I use a free alternative which is ok but not top standard.

My question. Is there any way with ADE to "unslope" it so I can enjoy it with AI traffic. I guess I am stuck with the free alternative if not. I dont know how much work would be involve for the original developer Jo Erlend Sund to update the airport and I doubt he is interested to revisit an old Airport Project for one customer :)



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You could try adding a flatten polygon, all at the same elevation. The resulting ADE BGL file(s) may need to be placed into a scenery folder listed higher in the Scenery Library than the original scenery folder. You may also need to create a "stub file" that ADE places into the Scenery/World/scenery folder for the AI traffic to be loaded at the correct elevation.
Hi Mike:

For complex terrain CVX vector work with custom terrain mesh, shorelines, land / water flattens such as are used in Aerosoft
Svolvaer X
, IMHO, you would be better able to achieve your goal with SBuilderX ...rather than with ADE.

You would still need to use ADE to exclude and replace custom 'Approach' code for this airport with the default data.

Default AI / Ground Traffic 'could' be used if you also aligned the custom CVX vector flattens and airport navigable surfaces to the FSX / P3d default Altitudes and positions.

G-Polys and animations at assigned altitudes (displayed via SODE ?) at this airport would also require modification

You must "Exclude and Replace" default and custom FSX / P3D CVX vector scenery objects to achieve proper scenery display.

For example, the local default CVX vector BGL

[FS install path]\Scenery\0600\Scenery\cvx5107.bgl

...can be decompiled via Patrick Germain's CvxExtractor into ESRI *.SHP files.

Those ESRI *.SHP files exported by CvxExtractor can then be 'Appended' to a new empty project in SBuilderX.

In SBuilderX, you can display Terrain SDK Quad LOD-9 / QMID-11 Grid Lines as a guide for placing 'Excludes' for the local CVX vector Hydro Polys (HP*.SHP), Hydro Shorelines (HL*SHP.), Flatten (FL*.SHP), and Exclude (*.EX.*SHP) etc.

You can also make changes to the 'Appended' CVX vector Hydro Polys (HP*.SHP), Hydro Shorelines (HL*SHP.), Flattens (FL*.SHP), and Excludes (*.EX.*SHP) over a precisely Geo-referenced photo-real imagery background, then output 1 or more
'Replacement' CVX vector BGLs to modify the FS scenery area properly.

Before attempting this, you must study tutorials by Luis Feliz-Tirado for details on how to do this; they are cited / linked here:


IMHO, this would be achievable only by a developer with "advanced" knowledge of scenery making. :alert:

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Thanks for the explanation but this is as you say a bit advanced. I might go ahead and install it anyway and enjoy it for what it is. Thanks anyway :)