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Blender Unwrap objects to common texture?


I'm sure this must be possible, but not sure how.

Right now, I can unwrap an object to a texture, and have each object use its own texture, but there are instances where I'd like to map objects to an existing texture (and map specific parts by manually manipulating the UV for individual faces).

What is the best way to do this? Let's say I have a basic cube and UV unwrap this. Blender tries to map it to its own texture. Do I simply load the texture I want to assign in the UV unwrap screen, and move the points?

Also, is it possible to preview the texture on the object in 2.83 at all? Reading the notes, it seems this was removed in 2.8x??!!

Thank you!


Resource contributor
The way I do it is to select all the object you'd like to uv map. Switch to edit mode (tab) and then unwrap (u->unwrap). This will unwrap all selected elements in one uv map.

Also, is it possible to preview the texture on the object in 2.83 at all? Reading the notes, it seems this was removed in 2.8x??!!
yep. You need to switch the Viewport shading to "material preview". It's one of the ball-icons on the top right (by default, used to be bottom right)


Resource contributor
I don't know if there's a better way, but I do it in the following manner:
1. select the new part, go to edit mode and unwrap it (u->unwrap).
2. open the uv editor, select the new uv map, scale it and move it outside of the frame, so that it doesn't interfere with anything else.
3. go to object mode, select all the parts that share the uv map, including your new part
4. switch to edit mode, which allow you to edit all the selected parts at once.
5. open the uv editor, if it's empty, make sure that you have all vertices/edges/faces selected (press a in the viewport)
6. move the uv of the new part to an empty spot.
You've got me wondering something now...

DirectX will only increment the texture load count if the texture is of a format that can't be shared between objects.

e.g., if you have 10 cubes using the same texture, the texture will only be loaded once into memory.

You've got me wondering if a single object can be unwrapped, the SHARED texture loaded into the UV window, the object mapped to its spot on the texture, then through texture reference/sharing, the texture is still only loaded once in the simulator, but referenced multiple times, equivalent to if all objects were mapped in a single UV window at design time?

How to test this...


Resource contributor
Animated objects, afaik, will each have their own drawcall in the sim and that's nothing to do with Blender.

I don't know if there's a better way, but I do it in the following manner:...

Thanks for that, Vitus, I found it very difficult to believe Blender would insist on one texture for one object only. Carry on!
I'm not talking about drawcalls, but texture load.

If 3 objects are seperately mapped to a common texture, then will the sim only load one copy of that texture, and share it? I can't see why not.

How the object is mapped in Blender/3D program of your choice, I can't see why that would matter.

It would appear there is no easy way to see how many copies of a texture exist in memory at once, within P3D, without resorting to dumping the process memory and counting.