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There is an update for ADE in the pipeline. This includes several things discussed on the forum as well as fixes to reported bugs. However work stopped in May with the illness of my wife. She has recently had major surgery and is recovering well. More treatments are likely to be needed. She is currently unable to drive. This means that most of my time is taken in supporting her. If things go to plan then I am hoping to revisit ADE in the middle of October.

I will do my best to provide support during this time but there will be no updated release before the end of October.

Thanks for your patience


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Family first Jon which is always the right call in my opinion; best wishes to you both on this
Jon, all the best to you and your prefered co-pilot, wishing her a prompt recovery!
Family issues and real life first! We can wait
I sympathize, Jon (I am experiencing the same) and hope you find some consolation in the fact that at least you can write of your worries to people that care .
Real life comes first.
Wish I could cure things with learning or developing some program that also works in real life.
Saying "Cheers" (like I always do) is the only thing anyway that I can add , because that is all you (and I) can say without bothering too many people on this website with our real life issues.