Updated FSX Scenery Objects Site

Hello all,

I've updated the sceneobjects website with images and thumbnails from Acceleration objects.
New global objects libraries were added in the Acceleration Pack, containing a dozens of neat 3d models.
Also autogen.bgl and vegetation.bgl contain new objects. You may distinguish them from stock FSX objects with image lighting.

As usual, it's available at http://lc0277.nerim.net/sceneobjects/ (feel free to make mirror sites)
The whole zipped archive is available at http://lc0277.nerim.net/sceneobjects.zip (161 mb)

Wow!- What an awesome reference!

Thanks very much for doing this- Definitely a useful site!
The link to this on-line library appears broken and (of course) I never downloaded the zip file. Does anybody know if either this library was re-established elsewhere or if there is another, similar site or file? (I checked the wiki and download section - no joy). This was one of the most useful tools for quickly searching for and choosing standard FSX scenery objects - very sorry to see it go. :(
Thanks! :D

This is a great resource - I really like being able to see whole pages of thumbnails at a time for comparison!