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Use of POV (hat switch) in SimConnect (MSFS, P3Dv5)

I'm able to program any axis or button for SimConnect MSFS and P3Dv5 events, using the input code: "joystick:1:button:10" or "joystick:1:XAxis" for instance, in the 'SimConnect_MapInputEventToClientEvent()' function.

However, I have a problem using the POV (hat switch) positions in P3Dv5, and strangely in MSFS too.
If I use the required code, "joystick:1:pOV:0" (the '360' POV forward position), or any other position as "joystick:1:pOV:18000" (the '180' aft position) to program different actions, SimConnect will detect any POV motion as one input.
So pullng the POV backwards ('180') will trigger the '360' forward position programmed event too.

Here is a sample of a POV position programming from the MSFS or P3D SDK:
hr = SimConnect_MapInputEventToClientEvent(hSimConnect, INPUT_1, "joystick:0:pOV:0", EVENT_3);

and the POV programming instructions of the same MSFS SDK:
POVPoint of view switch (often called the hat switch).0 facing ahead 4500 forward right 9000 right 13500 rear right 18000 rear 22500 rear left 27000 left 31500 forward left

Am I missing something with this POV syntax?