User Crash Message

Here's another dumb question: :rolleyes:

Where does the UserCrashMessage, entered in the Metadata section of the mission XML get displayed?

For my thing, after you complete a mission, you need to save the flight (this will then be accessed by the addon for certain info about the condition of the aircraft, time of flight, etc.). If, however, you crash, there is no save so, I want to insert a "crash code" into that message for the pilot to bypass the automatic accessing of the FLT file.

I have Realism Overrides set to end the flight in the event of a crash. Should that not display the crash message then? All I get is the end of mission screen with option to refly, continue or end. If I click continue, I have a beautiful view of a smoking wreck and if I select end, I am returned to the mission selection screen.

Okay, I did one of the Delta 737 missions today and crashed it. I saw the message box popup that indicated the mission failed because of a crash so, I know where it should be.

But, mine still doesn't show up. Am I missing some syntax or something? Here's an example:

<UserCrashMessage>You crashed.</UserCrashMessage>

Shouldn't that be enough to display the message or do I need something else? The SDK doesn't indicate that it should point to an HTML or anything.


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That is a bit disturbung, that's right. The message is displayed when ending the mission. Dependent on how you succeded or failed you can read there "You failed the mission because you crashed" or whatever you write. ;)

You cannot influence the popup success window in the mission. That's bad as I first hoped you could popup a bitmap as stated in the SDK.
Hmm... It could be that, because I have no goals at the moment, there can be no failure. :confused: I'll try adding a simple goal and see if that changes anything.

The crash message displayed in a popup onscreen while still in the mission - after about 10 seconds, the mission reset. I wonder if it also matters what you set crash tolerance to. For now, I have realism overrides set to end the mission on a crash.

Anyway, I'll try the goal and report back.


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That depends indeed. You can choose between reset (reload mission without prompting), end (end screen) and auto recover (disactivates crashes).
And of course you can influence crash detection by forcing crashes or disabling crashes - or you let the user decide if he wants crash detection available.