User Defined AI Routes

I would love to have the ability to define the route of flight for AI.

The default could be direct as it is now but it would be great to have AI fly something like KSFO-LAX PORTE3.AVE.SADDE6. It seems like this could be accomplished by giving AI a set of waypoints to fly, perhaps a maximum of 10-15 (more would be great). If the AI has a flightplan that says KSFO-KLAX it would first check a table or file to see if this was a defined route. If it is it would fly it. If not it would do what it does now.

Thanks for considering this.

I agree with this. Although I don't think there should be a limit on the number of waypoints. It would be so real having other aircraft on the airways.



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You can every AI bound to an .PLN Flight Plan.
You must install the Traffic Tool Box into the Modules Folder. And than you have a new entry in the Menue, named Extra.
Klick on Extra and you have to point on Traffix Tool Box. The Traffic Tool Box must be download, it is in the TRAFFICTOOLBOX_SDK.

Concerning AI bound with .PLN I used it to create a heli traffic over Reunion Island, with flights over vulcano, inside canyons, ... as real.

However, problem is that such AI flights can only be launched by right-click in TrafficToolBox SDK (choose an available plane, then assign a PLN).


Is there a way to program it and make it automatic?

Pierrot - FMEP


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Heli can work as AI Traffic on the same way like AI Planes.

I have seen some Helicopter they hover and fly like real Helis.
This is Payware and with a little bit work you will AI Traffic have on the Place you like.
I think that every airport should have the same number of flights on Flight Sim as the same number as the average number of flights daily in real life.