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User Library

Is the default Object Library for scenery valid??

Hi Gary,

I can't really tell you where to find them, you might want to look at the big FS sites and Stevo (for this forum) has also made a few libraries of cars etc.

But I can answer the question of how to load them into ObPlacer XML. You will need to have a XML source file that defines the library. Sometimes the designer has included his XML source, then you can use that. Else you might have to decompile the library BGL file to get a XML source file. The disadvantage of this, is that you loose the names of the objects, so it is harder to recognise the objects.

For future versions I hope to add a feature that can read the BGL files directly, I am now testing these techniques in MDL Tweaker II.

Hello there,

First of all I must say I'm still learning about developing scenery so if this does not make sense please bear with me until I acquire a little more experience.
Can someone explain why the default "OBJECT LIBRARY FILE" in FS9 & FSX, refers to numerous scenery files and GUID's that apparently do not exist or work when compiled from an XML file?

As an example, I did a complete search for several default scenery files and only found a few that actually had default bitmap textures in the appropriate scenery folder. These files displayed with no problems when compiled. Most did not. As an example, the following object is listed: VEH_air_bagcart2 with it's associated GUID: 545a2a611d2e2ec1000849c2ae60c5a ; but it's texture bmp is no where to be found in any folders of FS9. I think this is why some scenery would not display at the proper coordinates, (I'm assuming it's GUID is still valid).

So then, what is the Object File Library used for if most of the objects are either non existent or invalid? On the other hand, If I'm assuming or doing something wrong, (and I probably am!), I would love to know what I may be doing wrong. Your suggestions are appreciated!

Hi Mark,

First of all the list that comes with the SDKs is not correct. It also lists objects that were in previous versions of FS or that are geo-graphically locked, so that you can not place them freely everywhere in the world.

I don't really understand your texture problem. The textures of the object do not have the same name as the GUID or so. So unless you looked into the binary code of the default library to see which textures each object uses, you can't say that right away.
Default Object Library for FS9 and FSX

Thanks for your reply Arno. Much appreciated!:)

I'm going to see if I can find an object library on the web that someone may have put together to show all the object files which actually work. It seems to always be hit and miss with the files provided in FS9 and FSX SDK's. It is very time consuming when trying to build scenes using this technique with the default scenery.