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Using distance as condition

Sidney Schwartz

Resource contributor
I made a hanger with animated doors in Gmax (doesn't everyone?) and used CAT to set a trigger (second page) using the nav freq. Everything works fine in FS9....I tune the nav freq and the doors open, change the nav freq and the doors close. So far so good.

What I'm not able to do is use CAT to set a condition (first page) based on distance. I'd like the nav freq trigger to work only if the plane is within 15 meters of the doors. I've tried using the distance to refpoint variable with a min of 0 and a max of 15. I've also tried a bounding box with a min of -15 and a max of +15. In both cases the animation trigger fails to work. I can position the plane right up against the doors and tune the nav freq trigger, and no animation happens. What am I doing wrong?? :banghead:

Hi Sid,

The distances are measured from the reference point of your object and not from the animated part. So as 15 meters is not that much, it is quite likely that your door is outside of that area.

For a hangar I made I have even used the bounding box as the trigger. So the doors open when you are close enough to them. This works fine.
Hi Arno,

I had figured that out. I increased the distance and now it works. :)

Next question. I'm using distance as the condition, applied to the trigger which is the nav freq. When distance condition is met, the animation will play forward if the freq condition is met, and then play backwards if I change the freq. However, if the distance and freq conditions are met (door has opened), and I move the plane so that the distance condition is no longer met but the freq condition still is, the animation goes directly to the static position rather than playing backwards. I thought that applying the condition to the trigger rather than to the animation itself was supposed to prevent this. Did I miss something?

Thanks for everything, Arno. I'm still having fun. :D

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The same thing happens if I use a bounding box and the condition....if I move outside the box the animation goes to the static position instead of playing backwards. :confused:


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Help, I'm being attacked by crickets! ;)

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Anybody out there?

Hi Sid,

Yes, applying it to the trigger should indeed prevent what you are seeing here. Could you maybe send me the ASM code, so that I can see where it goes wrong?
Super! Here you go, Arno. Let me know if you need any of the other source files. :wave:

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Yes, I need the _0_cat.asm file, from this one I can see nothing :D.
Hi Sid,

The code is exactly as you see how it behaves :). So that seems OK, so I think you need to switch that animation condition option. Are you really sure it is around the trigger now? If that is the case it seems I have removed the feature to untrigger the animation first in one of the updates :).
Hi Arno,

Thanks for looking at that. Just to make sure the condidtion is around the trigger, I tried it yet again. Here's the data as I entered it into CAT and the resulting file asm file. :wave:

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Yes, I guess this is actually a bug then. I'll put it on the wishlist, but at the moment exploring FsX is more important to me, so I don't know when I will work on CAT again.