UV Mapping Multi-Parts

I have followed some of the tutorials from here and on YouTube about making models for FSX/P3D. My issue is with the mapping of textures. Within FSDS they had a weird set-up for texturing multi-parts, example main fuselage and speed brakes and even the nose gear doors which worked pretty good. I have yet to figure out how to do that with Blender.

I have seen examples of joining the 2 parts, mapping it and then separating them. That seems like a pain as I have done the animation to the parts.

Is there a tutorial or something I am missing to map multi-parts at the same time?


Resource contributor
I know that sinking feeling only too well. Map it first, then animate, is the rule for keeping your sanity.
You can duplicate the animated parts or parts and move the new ones aside. Then join the original parts to the fuselage and map them. Then separate the parts that you need to animate again. To animate, select a part, then its copy and press control L to get to a menu to link the animation. Then delete the duplicate part. Easier to do than it is to describe.