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I am new in blender and still getting my practice on blender 2.8. I am following Bill Womack's tutorial on modelling and few other tutorials available.
I have modelling a firestation building and have successfully removed any ngons and applied scale to object properties and successfully made a nice contiguous texture map on the object. That is almost.

I noticed a face on the rooftop that is bit off scale. I think I got all the seams but I might have missed an edge. Is there a way I can correct this distortion or do I need to reset and clear all seams or do I need revert to a previously saved state file before I applied the seams and redo the work.
Below are two pictures to illustrate what I mean.

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What I suggest is to go by any connecting faces that are 90 degrees or more - make a seam between them. Start from there and see what you come up with.

Try staying away from ngons more quads and tris.
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I would try subdividing the 2 vertices on the right...then dissolve the long edge that goes from the corner to the middle...join the new point with the one that is the corner of the smaller roof section. This should give you 2 big quads. Should do the same to the other half of the roof.


That's interesting. Right now I managed to correct the uv vertices manually but I can see manually fixing vertices on more complex objects can be a pain. I am going to try your way as well and see if that brings better result.
Thank you
It would help if you actually showed us the UV map as well ;)

Hi Vitus
I took some of the above suggestions and realized that I can manually also adjust uv vertices to align my texture properly.
The first two snapshots show the result before manually adjusting. I circled the place where I mainly adjusted the vertices. I also noticed some more vertices that needed adjusting to get a smoother texture wrap.
The second two snapshots are result after all the adjustments I made by manually moving the vertices.

Is this the only way we can correct uv mapping? Is there a more efficient method to make sure the UV maps get aligned properly? My concern is if I am modelling a more complex structure the number of uv mistakes could monstrously high.



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The problem was with the placement of the vertices. Verts #1, 2, and 3 were colinear (all in a straight line), so while the poly was technically a quad, it was never going to unwrap correctly. If you add a cut between #2 and #4, it should work fine.


Sorry guys this is embarrassing. I feel like kicking myself. I must be going blind.
Now it makes sense. lol
And you can see now I am getting a much cleaner uv layout.

Thank you all


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