P3D v4 Valberg Altisurface - Avalaible !

------------ 2019 EDIT ----------

Valberg LF0654 Scenery is now available here on Vario Design official website


Good evening everyone !

I created this thread to announce you the very close release of my last scenery as Vario Design: The Valberg altisurface in the southern French Alps.


So this is a relatively small scenery which include the whole altisurface area and its surroundings.
You'll be able to fly on this grass and sloped short runway of about 400 meters with typical aircraft made for mountain flying like the famous MS.885 Rally.

I had some hard time to make a clean looking sloped runway but i ended up by using an high res phototile (About 20cm/pixel so it's definitively not this bad).
It also feature an HD building, (The only one of the airfield by the way :rotfl:) with 2048x2048 textures coming right from some pictures taken by me and a fully custom vegetation with 3D grass and some really good looking spine trees !

So stay tuned, the release is scheduled for very soon!
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Hi Alex,

nice work! I wanted to publish my two Airports in Alaska in the Aleutians-chain: PAUT Akutan Airport and PAAK Atka. But everytime I see the work of others, I get frustrated and refrain from posting my Airports!:)
Thank you, you shouldn’t !

It’s always kind of a brake to see what others do, it’s just a matter of work, observation and time, lot of time.
People here are also really helpful, don’t forget about it :)
Hi Alex,

nice work! I wanted to publish my two Airports in Alaska in the Aleutians-chain: PAUT Akutan Airport and PAAK Atka. But everytime I see the work of others, I get frustrated and refrain from posting my Airports!:)
I would very much like to try your Aleutian airports... I hope you keep going with it. Don't try to make it perfect, just make it something you can be proud of, something that you feel good about sharing.
Hi Alex and Ripcord,

following I have a few Pictures from my first Project I started at the Age of 67, where the learning curve is not so steep anymore as it was a few years earlier. Although I started more than twenty years ago tackling around with Flight Simulator because it was a very valuable aid for my Real World Flying, I just started to get involved in Scenery-design, actually more by accident than by will. I have a very profound knowledge about the techniques involved, but no experience at all!

The Airport is the in 2012 new built Airport of Akutan (7AK/ICAO: PAUT) in the Aleutian-chain, Alaska.

7AK Akutan Harbor-1.jpg

New built Harbor in Akutan.

7AK Akutan Ramp-1.jpg

7AK Akutan Ramp-2.jpg

7AK Akutan Ramp-3.jpg

7AK Akutan Ramp-4.jpg

7AK Akutan Ramp-5.jpg

7AK Akutan Ramp-6.jpg

7AK Akutan Ramp-7.jpg

7AK Akutan Ramp-8.jpg

7AK Akutan Ramp-9.jpg
7AK Akutan Ramp-10.jpg

7AK Akutan Ramp-11.jpg

7AK Akutan Ramp-12.jpg

Finito! Still a lot of work to do!

I'm working also on PAAK Atka Airport I will post some Pictures at a later Time!
Really nice job man !

The biggest gap would be to start making your own ground polygons but it’s pretty hard, even for me haha

Where did you find all thoses objects like the Excavator and all ? They are looking good !
Hi !

So there is an update coming very soon for LF0654 - Valberg scenery, after some requests and my own experience I decided to expand the scenery to a much bigger area, it is now including of course the Airfield, but also the Valberg little village (And ski station) up to "Beuil" another small village. (ORBX like coverage map coming soon !)

Its now way more pleasant to fly over here, trees and building are imported from OSM datas reworked to get some more precise placements but the biggest change is the adding of various hotels and "cabins" from pictures I have taken directly in Valberg and by looking on the Internet.

So here is Valberg station, I'll certainly add other custom hotels on the next updates :


And of course the Airfield, updated grass, added more trees, I find it prettier !


I'll keep you updated !
Hey !

Another update may be coming soon, I made some improvement on the Altisurface Mesh and on the 3D surrounding vegetation that looks better in my opinion.


It’s not a "big" update as the previous one was but details add more and more immersion.

I firstly want to like the look and to be a happy user of my own sceneries before sharing my work.

More global view :


Thanks for your support !