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hi all, I would like to share our new airport with all of you, we present VALENCIA-X for FS9 and FSX, I hope you enjoy and we would like coments what you think of performance and other....

You have to place the file LEVC_ADE9_ADE_ALT.BGL FS9 in the folder
FS9 \ Scenery \ World \ scenery \
FSX \ Scenery \ World \ scenery \
(FSX and FS)
Thank you for everything you have learned

Download here http://www.ake-airlines.es/akesoft/LEVC-X/

sorry my bad english

It is amazing!!

I'm having a bit of a problem with frames (the lighting causes this) but let's say what all the others will say.

Again, it's a stunning work!
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will this solve the problem of performance in a few days there will be an upgrade.
Thank you very much for your comments
Scenery is free is for all!!!!
Hi ake101,

there seems to be a little problem with the runway in the FSX version.


And there are some cars where they should not:


Nevertheless, it's one of the best freeware sceneries that I have ever seen. Keep up the good work!!!
Very nice scenery - Thank you

I run FSX w/ Acceleration on Win7, I do have two issues - first RWY lights seem to be an issue for me:


Secondly - scenery stutters quite a bit. My system is generally ok with complex add ons. i7 965 at 4GHz, GTX480, 6MB ram, so other add on sceneries in area run fine (LEBL, LEMD, LEIB, etc).

Anyone with suggestions - thanks.

My antivirus detected a Trojan when downloaded the scenery


  • virus.JPG
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Is that a scasm runway? They are known for bad frames.

All runs ok on my computer but your runway lights are about 3m off the ground.

Very nice scenery though!
Yes, it is the lighting that is to blame for the bad frames...
If you could somehow replace the lights with FSX defaults that would be great!
Hi, I have this texture issue, it only happens with this scenery, I tried on two different PC's, one with a completely default FS9 instalation, and on both I get the same issue. When you load a flight from there, all the textures are fine, but as you start flying and gain a little bit of distance from the starting point, all textures (except for the airport) go like you see on the screenshot. It only occurs here. I don't have this issue with any other scenery. Any ideas?

Thanx for the incredible work!! it looks awesome.

EDIT, I just had the same issue with the Aerosoft Sevilla Airport... it looks like it could be an nVidia issue as on the other comupter with the smae issue it's also an nVidia card.
But why would it happen with addon sceneries??? It's only happened with Aerosoft Sevilla and this... I haven't touched the addon textures, so I'm thinking that if it was a texture problem everyone would have it... IMO it's probably an nVidia issue...

Departing or approaching default airports it doesn't happen. One thing I have noticed, if you press "alt" and the sim freezes becuase the menus come up, all the textures load correctly, and when I continue with the sim, they all go away again... and once the scenery goes "out of sight" the problem disappears.

Thanx though :)
Issue solved!!!! It was the nVidia inspector settings (smae as nHancer but it works with the 267.xx drivers) woohoo :)

I still get low FPS... but that's the same as the other users :)

EDIT: It occured again, not solved :(
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My compliments, very nice and lifelike though it looks worse in reality. No stuttering on my laptop in FS9 but terrain becomes blurry after a short while.
While you are at it, could you perhaps improve the road signs to get there? :D Just last week I ended up (once again) missing the freeway airport exit and have been driving around industrial complexes for half an hour before I finally found the right one back.