Vehicle Conversion Drives 180 degrees out


I have converted a few ground models to try and create some interesting AI sessions.

But, though I have successfully converted and tested the models (I always create drivable versions to make sure they display etc), when I advance the throtlee, the model drives backwards -- and -- the tail lights are displaying on the front of the model. Thus I assume that the vehicle is 180 degrees out.

Is there a tool to edit and change this or is there something I can do in the config perhaps (though I didn't see any reference that might prove useful).

Thank you in adavnce.

I should explain a bit more in detail.

I extracted a few groundvehicles from a scenery library and made them into AI models.

This was done with ModelConverterX and thats how I'm viewing the models.

Thank you


Roy Holmes

Resource contributor
My point was that it looks like a modeling issue rather than flight dynamics and I suggest you post in that forum.