FSX Vehicle Fuel Trucks

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When you add a Vehicle Fuel Truck to FSX in some cases it will not find your airplane. Each parking spot has an invisible bounding box embedded inside the parking spot.

Some airport bounding boxes are very small for some unknown reason. The Fuel Truck behavior is such that when you call for fuel the truck will start on its way and then somewhere along the route path will stop as if it ran out of gas.

If the invisible bounding box is very very small the plane has no room for parking error and it MUST BE centered over the parking "T" exactly. If by chance you park in one of these parking spots and the fuel truck stops on its way to you then go into slew mode and move your plane a small amount.

This same invisible bounding box effects the conveyor belt animated vehicle behavior when parking a plane at a GATE type parking spot. Again use the slew mode to move the plane a small amount which will seat it in the box.
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