Very New. Any Good Tutorials For 3DS MAX?

Hi everyone. I have been looking into modelling for a while but looking at everything at first looks very confusing. I am planning to make a little Cessna as a practice before thinking about bigger projects. Does anyone know any good beginner tutorials or videos on modelling and other panel work? I have 3DS Max 2017 as I know its the best for the job. Thank You for reading and hope you understand my position as a starter.


If you want to learn 3ds max, first thing to do is not to be afraid on anything! My second recomendation is to be patient! Take small steps, make notes and
practice a lot! No matter which version of 3ds Max you have, the key concepts remain the same; so be sure to learn the basics!. Newest versions have coolest things, that's all!

Directly answering your question: A full, free and awesome course about modeling in 3ds Max:

Make sure to begin with the playlist named "Introduction to Modeling in 3D Studio Max", now relax, and be prepared to have a lot of fun!

Once you've learned how to model in 3ds Max, you may find very rewarding to apply your new knowledge into actually creating your first
aircraft. This time, the full course was kindly designed by Mr. Milton Shupe using Gmax (which is an older predecesor of your 3ds Max 2017 software)
As I said before, the key concepts remain the same and if you succesfully finished the first step in your learning curve, then you shouldn't have problems following this finely crafted set of videos:

All the best,
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Hello Harvey

Your welcome. I am sure you will have a good start; nevertheless be prepared for more!!! Having the model is only a small part before you enjoy the final result within the simulator. I am going to enlist my overall steps in the creation of an aircraft:

1.- Design and create the textures for the "parts" or systems in your aircraft (i.e. fuselage, wings, stabilezers, propellers, etc.)
2.- Animate the moving parts (i.e. doors, propellers, levers, landing gear, etc.). Each Flight Simulator (namely FS9, FSX, P3D or something else), has its own rules; since you did not mention the simulator on which your aircraft will operate, you will need to follow what is stated in the pertinent SDK (also known as Simulator Development Kit).
3.- Design your gauges! It's not enough to have a beutiful model. It will need some screens, needles and other kind of gizmos!
4.- Create the flight model.
5.- Adopt or create a sound system.

Of course, you are about to begin the step 1. As I said before, be patient and come back if you have more questions.

Happy modeling and don't forget to have fun!
All the best in your learning courses!

P.S. If you want to read something related to your questions, take a look at this thread:
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YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!! :)

I learned so much on just YouTube. Some amazing, brilliant tutorials there.

I first learned on Gmax, and moved up to Max and Max is quite similar, though vastly more sophisticated (more tools that are great for this field).