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Video Tutorial Series for Creating Scenery with Blender


FSDevConf team
I'm struggling with this right now as I am learning substance painter. I have some door trim to put on the outside edges of my door. You said you are "painting grid lines" on a new layer. Is this a texture that you made with perfect grid lines or are you actually painting straight lines where you want your objects to go? I have some 2D doors I want to paint on my faces and the door trim but as was mentioned there is no straight line tool so I am struggling to figure out how you did this.

I'm just drawing straight lines on a new layer.
Hey there,

i'm watching your series at the moment - and it does really help, i'm trying ground polys at the moment and ran into a little problem - how do i delete the selected face ?
It's not part of the runway/taxiway but is created as soon as i merge the vertices around it - and i can't get it deleted ?

I've tried using the knife tool - but that seems a little too clumsy for me as of course i wanna preserve some kind of curve.

Any idea there, or, how do you handle these "holes" in your ground poly ?

Thank you


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FSDevConf team
The only way you'll get those inadvertently is if you're trying to fill all the faces at once. It's a good practice to select all the verts for a single segment and fill them, then move on to the next. I don't know if that makes much sense. I never have the issue you're showing because of that.