FSX Virtual Earth server DLL

Hi there
Is there a new Virtual Server dll to use?
I am using the SBuilderX313 default which is version 1.1.1.

I am making photorealistic scenery with Virtual Earth Satelite but the images are about 6-7 years old.
There are some major highways that are still under..... construction in Virtual Earth but in Google are shown complete.
I don't want to start using Google (even though it looks much better than Virtual Earth) in the middle of my project because there is a different hue in the Google image.


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What is the lat-long of the construction?

I ask, because we can only grab what the virtual earth server has... I'd like to see if there is newer scenery.

Virtual Earth Satelite

N37 58.78 E 23 22.10 aproximately.

I am doing the Athens Attiki photorealistic scenery project.
My mistake was from the beginning that I used the Virtual Earth Satelite.
The images are at least 7 years old because a major highway Attiki Odos
is still under construction in Virtual, but in Google is finished. It was finished in 2004.
The problem is, because I am doing a very large area, I can't switch to Google because the images of Google have a different hue, are more red-brown and it doesn't look good when you look at the scenery as a whole.
I don't feel like starting from scratch because i have uploaded about 12 250MB scenery files. A lot of work.

Note; I downloaded the mesh bgl DEM4610_7.
I installed it in my addon scenery. Correct?

Thank you


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Hi Angelo.

Microsoft hasn't updated the images, so updating the DLL would do no good... and that's what I expected.

Unlike Google, VirtualEarth uses the most recent tiles for all access. Google keeps older versions for a while, which is why we need to update that tile server to a recent number.