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Visibility based on player circumstances/parking pos

Hello again community. I have posted here before asking about visibility of models. i just about get the concept of making stuff appear or disappear based on date, time of day etc.
however, having recently released my airport EFKI (kajaani) on the marketplace, i would like to further inquire about this concept because i got some feedback from some of my customers asking if there was no way to get rid of the static ATR aircraft i have placed.
it's a small airport and i can see why some people would like to clear up the apron but i would not really want to completely get rid of the ATR either obviously. so here my question: is there a way to spawn the ATR aircraft not just based on time of day/date, but also get rid of it if people choose to spawn THEIR aircraft in its place? is there any other tips you could give me to make this more dynamic? the way that i see it, even if you make it only appear at certain times of day (like actual arrival times), it will simply "pop" into existence which also isn't great. any feedback on how to solve this more elegantly?
many, many thanks!


Resource contributor
Just a little late here, but if you have the aircraft you have placed is a SimObject, the XML controlling it is available to the customer, UNLESS it is encrypted. Perhaps you could package an alternative xml to remove it?