P3D v4 visibility conditions for scenery objects

Hi Arno,
In a scenerydesign.org thread of 2017, you mentioned a possibility to add visibility conditions to the model.def.xml where you then have to add it in the hierarchy editor to the model part visibility conditions. However, I do not know if you implemented it in MCX as there is no possibility to write in visibility conditions other than the ones that come in a drop down menu!


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I believe you can write them by hand into the file in the SDK and then MCX will read that? Or perhaps you can do it in the MCX ModelDef.xml Editor?


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If you add them to the modeldef.xml file, the drop down menu in the hierarchy editor will be updated to include them. The menu is build from the modeldef.xml content. To be safe you maybe need to open the hierarchy editor again after you modified the modeldef.xml file.
Right. As the hierarchy editor did not update to include them, I guess I must have made a mistake in the xml.
But thanks for the info.