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Hi all,

first of all, let me tell you more about my personality. My real name is: "Olaf Heinrich" or simply "Olli". I'm comming from Hamburg/Germany, but living since 2003 Dec. in the near at Salzburg/Austria. My age is 28 years, and i have 7 weeks old daughter. I'm a Projectmanager of a callcenter in Salzburg. So, i think, that's all for the moment. If you have any questions about me, feel free to ask.

And now, here is my question:
Is there a way to show my building, created with Gmax 1.2, only at a timepart of seanson? I made two different buildings. The first for the spring, summer and fallseasons, and the second for the winterseason with snow and other effects.
So, what can i do, to show these two objects at diffent times? Doo i have to edit the .xml file, or the properties in Gmax? No idea.

Thanks for your help
Gday Olli

Arno or Dick could best confirm the seasonal textures for you with the Gmax model but i would think it best to create a single model and asign seasonal textures to it. In regards to the effects, this can be changed to time and date in the XML code per FX file your attaching to the Gmax Model.

In the XML you can code for Time of Day, a Set Duration and allso the Month of the year for the FX file.

Again, the seasonal Textures would need to be confirmed by Dick or Arno !

this section of code is for some smoke to appear at a set day and time and duration to a scenery i constructed and may be of help for you.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<FSData version="9.0" xmlns:xsi='' xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="bglcomp.xsd">
<SceneryObject lat="-38.572433" lon="147.322873" alt="22" pitch="0" bank="0" heading="0" altitudeIsAgl="TRUE" imageComplexity="SPARSE">
<Effect effectName="fx_OilRigFire" effectParams="MOY'1,12:DOM=02,02:HOD=11,12:MOH=0,60"/>

The area in red is the part you would need to edit for the attachpoint of the reletive FX file in Gmax before you export the model.

rgds Jeff


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Hi Olli,

GMax does not support seasonal texture directly (as you have already found out). You have two options then to implement them.

The first is to tweak the actual source code to add the seasonal textures to your object, this is described in the following article:

As you write you have already made two different models, there is also a different option. You could add a condition to these objects, that shows them only in the correct season. This could once again be done with source code tweaking, but also with my MDLTweaker tool.