Visualise ADE GPs?

Use MCX. The FS9.bgl will probably have several sub "mdl"'s for each of the layers that were attributed to the GP's. You can export them individually as FSX mdl's or merge them into one new FSX mdl or bgl. In all cases MCX visualizes each part so I do not quite understand your problem.
The problem is that the MCX display is too small.

There are three objects in the file, each with different GUIDs.

Can I export them as a single object correctly positioned?


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Yes, with the scene builder tool you can combine different objects into one scene.
Hi Arno:

I am familiar with the feature set available in the MCX Ground Polygon Wizard for optimal import of 'single' flat 3D G-Poly objects within the non-MDL format of a SCASM-compiled BGL and/or a de-compiled SCASM BGL in *.SCA source code file format.

But I am curious: in this type of multi-object scenario, would you suggest first importing the file containing multiple G-Poly objects in MCX 'normal' mode to use the 'Scene Builder' option, then export to a particular 3D file format ...prior to a final import of the consolidated "scene" via MCX G-Poly Wizard ? :scratchch

Thanks for any further clarification of a recommended work-flow. :)

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George, do the .sca file contents look anything like an .asm_0 file? If so, ADE-GP may import and recover enough of it to be useful.

George, do the .sca file contents look anything like an .asm_0 file? If so, ADE-GP may import and recover enough of it to be useful.

I have no idea:

; LatRange(  N50:25:49.23  N50:27:12.16 )
; ----------------------------------------
; ----------------------------------------
; Object # 1, offset: 0x000A size: 1140 bytes (0x0474)
;; Lat: 00055886Ch Lon: 0FC729B60h
; ----------------------------------------
Area( C N50:26:25.90 W004:59:43.60 100 )
    IfVarRange( :L000028 0346 2 32767 )
    LayerCall( :L000034 39 )
    Jump32( : )
; unreachable code, possibly data area
    Dbx( 88 00 30 04 00 00  )
    RefPoint( rel :L00002E  0.50 N50:26:25.90 W004:59:43.60
        V1= 10000 V2= 375 )
    BGLVersion( 0800 )
    TextureList( 0
        1 FF 255 255 255
        GP_ND_TEXTURES-3.BMP ; texture 0
    MaterialList( 0
            ; material 0
        1.000 1.000 1.000 1.000 ; diffuse color
        0.392 0.392 0.392 1.000 ; ambient color
        0.000 0.000 0.000 1.000 ; specular color
        0.000 0.000 0.000 1.000 ; emissive color
        0.000 ; specular power
    VertexList( 0
        -622.182 0.000 -132.920 0.000 1.000 0.000 0.655 0.880 ; vertex 0


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George, I assume this file is meant for me. I can't work backwards from .bgl, I need the .ad4 file in order to see what's in it. Further, it's not clear "how we got here". This is the first mention of a "file which will not display in FSX nor P3D V4".

I'm going out for a while so won't be able to respond further until later.