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Volumetric Grass showing when I'm closer to it.

Hello, guys.
Maybe this could be very easy solution to some of you, but I really need your help, if possible.
I have created .bgl file of the volumetric grass I need for my airport. It fits almost perfect in some areas.
The problem is there, It gets more and more invisible as i'm getting far from it, and respectively getting more and more visible when I'm over it.
I need to see it fully from every point of the airport. Is there anybody who can help me?
I converted the file to .bgl and then placed it in ADE 1.75, and also the .bgl file is seperately put in the active folder of the scenery.


  • grass1.png
    3.1 MB · Views: 326
  • grass2.png
    3.6 MB · Views: 347
Just found this, if you are still watching, it is the mipmaps in your grass texture. They kick in very close to the camera, as you can see, and soon remove all grass detail.

If you have photoshop, you can use nvidia tools dds saver to reduce the number of mipmaps. I use 3. Gives enough distance and still stops shimmer far away.

Alternatively, if you have a program that will allow you to open the texture with mipmaps loaded, you can edit them manually.