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FSXA VTP Lines in FSX_KML-or anywhere else

I post here because FSX_KML forum seems to have little activity.

I thought I had succesfully produced a std VTP line already defined from the modified terrain.cfg

I used FSX_KML, modified the tag library, built a polyline In Google Earth with and without a hook and produced a bgl that TMFViewer said "yes, there is a road there". I have no sign of any error in the program output.

FSXA won't display it.

I have autogen at max, and my GEX Textures are disabled. Are there any VTP success stories?

Hi John:

Are you by any chance referring to creation of a FSX Terrain SDK SHP2VEC-compiled CVX vector line rather than a legacy format SCASM / ASM VTP line ?

I don't recall seeing a way via FSX_KML to directly create a legacy format SCASM / ASM VTP line calling an entry from the "Modified Terrain.Cfg" file

But, I am familiar with a few 'work-arounds' to generate legacy format SCASM / ASM VTP scenery content from KML files: :idea:




AFAIK, SBuilder for FS9 or Ground2K would be a more direct way to generate legacy format SCASM / ASM VTP scenery content. :scratchch

However I'd be very interested in knowing if you have a work-flow to do this via FSX_KML, if you would share your insights on this process in detail.

And regardless, if you have successfully created a legacy format SCASM / ASM VTP object placement BGL, it should display in FSX if the object's internal VTP "layer number" has a sufficiently high display priority ...so that it will display on top of other co-existing FS2Kx or FSX format local scenery content. :)

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GGB:Are you by any chance referring to creation of a FSX Terrain SDK SHP2VEC-compiled CVX vector line?

Yes. but I am trying to avoid another program.

My tries will produce a road that shows as a line in TMFViewer, but nothing in FSXA. I have only one bgl in my library at the top of the stack....please tell me it is always going to display.
Hi John:

Are both of the CVX vector line objects (with and without the "hook" at the end of the poly-line) compiled within the same BGL ?

If so, be aware that could affect display of either or both CVX vector lines within the entire local QMID-11 (LOD-9) sized terrain quad in FS at run time ...especially if those lines intersect each other.

If you attach- or link to- your custom CVX vector BGL in question in this thread- or in a PM- here at FS Developer, a more conclusive answer might be offered. :)


Otherwise, make sure any 'matching-GUID' CVX vector line types do not overlap with each other within the same FS terrain grid QMID-11 (LOD-9) quad.

Also, you could try removing the "hooks" from the beginning and/or end of any (FSX SDK format) CVX vector poly-line, as such "hooks" are no longer used for FSX SDK vector object creation.

AFAIK, "hooks" were used to specify intended line width when creating and clipping such lines at FS terrain grid quad borders, for certain 'VTP-type' vector poly-line /polygon objects via legacy FS2002 (aka "FS8") SDK methods, and the use of such "hooks" has since been deprecated or eliminated in FSX et seq..

IIUC, in current FS SDK methods, all such objects as Roads must be pre-defined in specified widths, each with an assigned GUID within the default and/or "Modified" Terrain.Cfg.






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It's always helpful to attach a zipped file of the bgl and sources to this kind of post. Then, instead of guessing, someone could give a reasonable answer.


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Hi there,

FYI, in TMFViewer one can right-click on a given vector and then select "Identify Vector Features". For a road vector the pop-up window will show a "Texture" GUID. Open your active terrain.cfg file in Notepad or Wordpad and search for that GUID (typing the first 4-5 characters is sufficient). That will tell you which specific road type the sim is looking for, including whether that entry exists, what textures it's calling etc.

Note that the sim expects custom vector textures to be in the texture folder associated with (= parallel to) your .bgl file's scenery folder.

Cheers, Holger
Sorry to ask the obvious, but do you have a photoreal installed where your line was created? a photoreal will cover a CVX vector line.