Want more video tutorials?


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Well, it seems I have convinced the ACES team that video tutorials are not only popular, but needed for future versions of Flight Simulator and Train Simulator.

So, let me ask you to post on this thread on fsdeveloper.com examples of video tutorials you would like to see in the future. I will perform my usual nagging and bribing techniques to get as many as possible for you.

What a great idea.

  1. Model Texturing and the FSX options.
  2. Lofting taxi lines.
  3. Follow path animations.
  4. Google/VE Maps into SBuilderX
  5. Background Maps in ADE
  6. FS9/FSX Annotator

Just a few to start with.

My bad :eek:

OK then, MS can do items 1 & 6

Other interested developers could do the rest. :)

Looking around the forums these are the kind questions people are asking.

Something I would like to see is how to import FS9 scenery into FSX and fix it so it's compatible. I think this won't just benefit designers, but also a lot of users who want to use older scenery.
I'd love to see an optimisation tutorial -- based on Adrian's 'Performance Art' blogs, in particular vertex and drawcall optimisation.