Want to loan some low poly car pack for US airport car parks

Hi all,
As some of you know I am working on Lansing, the main basis of the airport is done, however, it is lacking cars to fill the car parks.

I am looking to see if anyone is interested in loaning me their low poly cars that I wish to use on Lansing ONLY. I simply do not have the time to model a bunch of cars on top of the vast model library I am doing now for apron vehicles and objects, and clutter/filler objects.
Doing this myself may push a release for Lansing BACK a few months, so may not see a release in 2018 as originally planned.

I will of course be happy to pay for this use or negotiate a percentage that you can take from each sale (will be sold via SimMarket) - only realistic offers though.. taking 25% or so for low poly cars is simply not worth a quarter of the entire product.

If you are interested in this offer and willing to help, please do contact me via private message.

Of course, those that do help will not only get a percentage of sales but also you will of course get access to the airport before it's released, as well as the released version for free and full credits given in the manuals.

At bare minimum I will happily just take a Saloon, SUV and pick-up with multiple colours per type, this will be "enough" variation to give the acceptable illusion of a populated airport.

This offer needs to be fulfilled ASAP

I look forward to hearing from you


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Why don't you just use something like this?


$5 US, royalty free.

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They look more European than American.
All my developments are unique to the area they are in - none of those apart from the SUV and tranny van make the cut to be in Michigan, US


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Kind of scraping the barrel to quip that one. Yes, it's a flight simulator, but in Lansing Michigan, the simulation fails, unless the developer can get free partner loaned cars that don't look like free cars - almost a year ago. To me, that picture look like a "saloon," whatever the heck that is, a SUV and a a - oh poo, they only have vans, instead of pickups, that proves those cars must be Euro.