Watch Your Language

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As discussed in Section 2.4 of the User Manual, Windows language and regional settings other than English may cause difficulties when using AIFP:
  • languages that use a space as a decimal seperator create ambiguous results in fields that may contain both decimals and spaces - such as latitude and longitude.
  • Germanic languages (especially) handle "V"s and "W"s as the same character. This creates difficulty on sorts and compares. In a sorted list, you'll find words starting with V and W intermixed. As well, when searching for "CYWG", for example, Windows may return "CYVG" - without warning. Such situations may result in missing airports, aircraft and/or traffic.
There seems no way internal to AI Flight Planner around such situations.

So, if you normally use a regional setting that causes such errors, you may have to switch to English if AI Flight Planner to perform certain operations properly.

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