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When rebuilding FMNH airport in Madagascar with satellite views, I have to had a kind of pond. I used a polygon, tagged with Hydro_Polygons_Generic_Lake_Perrenial.
It works, but I'm not satisfied with aspect: it looks as a very attractive lagoon blue, same as the neighbour ocean; I would get something more natural, with a more "dirty" or darker aspect.

Thanks for help, if possible.
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I am sure somebody with a little more knowledge on this subject will correct me if I am wrong, but if choosing another type for your polygon does not work, I guess you would have to adart the waterclass for that area, to specify a different type of water there.
Thank for answer

I searched for subject; unfortunately, I think that it would need to make changes in terrain.cfg, but in such a way, water in ocean would change too?

So far, I tried to make a flatten area polygon, tagged with a "dirty" texture.
Maybe a "river" texture?

I still wait for better solution!

Pierrot - FMEP
Try changing the underlying waterclass tile. It's available in SBX under the tools->water menu. However , WC tiles are fairly large (probably the same as Landclass : 1.2 km), so if your pond is very close to the coastline, ocean water would be altered too.
Merci pour la réponse!

En effet, c'est entre l'aéroport et la côte,à environ 600m de la côte.
Je me doutais d'une "influence" de la proximité de la côte, car à l'intérieur des terres j'avais des résultats satisfaisants.
En regardant de plus près, c'est aussi ce changement qu'on observe à l'embouchure des fleuves.

Pierrot - FMEP

Problem fixed: I modified the WaterClass, with 2 tiles code 012... covering the pond.
Unfortunately, it didn't work with XSBuilder 3.1 WaterTools; I created the tiles in existing aiport project, selected all, compiled, but no change in scenery. Maybe too complex? or order for objects?
I tried with EZ-Landclass (Excel macro), creating just a small bgl for the 2 tiles, and it works: I got my "dirty" pond next lagoon blue ocean!

Thanks to everybody.
Pierrot - FMEP