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Weapons and Damage Model

Was hoping that this could be a complete flight simulation with each hosting site to have the ability to have combat or not. This sim would become alround the best simulation on the market. Right now chris skyes has added Bombs, air to air missiles and air to ground. The only way you can get them to work is if you change the mission file.

With the fsuipc dll and the simconnect dll their has got to be away to add a better damage model to FSX with the ability to use weapons more effectively. Or creating a new dll just for this aspect I would pay hundreds to have that ability in this simulation, heck if I could create the dll to go along with FSX like the fsuipc I would be working on it now. Anyone with this knowledge could package that up with a few combat planes and could make a killing.

Knight, I agree, and was talking with someone about it the other day, the problem is in finding someone available and experienced to build the simconnect modules...

I would love to see an XPack for FS11 that will be solely combat ops... It means that users can fly multiplayer and shoot and everything and only those who have the xpack can enjoy the combat...

If an XPacker comes into a stock MP session then they can't shoot anything, or if they do it doesn't result in any damage... Or an XPack host can define the session as disabling combat...

My only thought is that combat may not be included in FS due to export controls and getting authorization from the National Geospatial Intelligence agency because then the sim becomes a possible military grade tool and hence more export controls are needed et al...

I'm guessing this is why CFS was based in WWII...