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FSX Weird artifacts in the VC after modding the mdl file

I just posted a thread a few days ago about adding landing/taxi lights to the FSX maddog. That went pretty well, but I have a bigger problem now. When I export the VC mdl with MCX, I get intermitent artifacts in the cockpit, as shown in the picture. Any ideas on how to solve or prevent this while exporting, please? It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the models I merged with the VC, because I still get the same random artifacts if I simply load the vc mdl in MCX and export it back straight away. What a shame, the landing lights look great now, but this is unusable as it is. Thanks.
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Do you see this issue when you import this model into MCX?
Do you see this issue when you import this model into MCX?
I don't. The artifacts follow the viewpoint. At some point they go away when I move the viewpoint far ahead the cockpit in FSX, but only while looking in the opposite direction of the VC.
It's like something breaks the rendering of the VC. If I fire up FSX and change windows to something else, the artifacts are there right at the start of the flight. If I don't change windows, it takes a while but they eventually start. It's very weird. I think it's something to do with this particular aircraft. I will try removing random model parts from the mdl to see if one of them is causing the issue, but there's a lot of them. Dammit, all the work for nothing 😕
Nevermind, I found the offending element in the tree! It's the one containing the models for the yokes, windows, tiller and rudder pedals, and I can live without those, but I'll try to narrow it down a bit more. Man, for a minute I thought I'd wasted my time here. Phew!
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