Weird strokes from ground polygon

Hi all,
I got a problem with ground polygons after export . I used ground polygon method for photo scenery as some tutorials on FSdeveloper, I created the plane and converted to editable mesh, then applied the textures into each polygons . But after I exported and tested in FS, I found the border of each polygons appeared some strokes . What's wrong with me ?
Waitng for your solution, thanks a lot :)


My friend it look’s like you have the “seems” problem.
To resolve this issue try the following:
1) Convert your satellite .bmp texture to DXT3 format if you are making the scenery for fs9
2) Take your satellite. bmp and rescale it to 99%. If your texture is 1024/1024 this means you will get at least a 6-8px border. Now copy the outer pixel row of the satellite image over the border. See the pictures below for what I did with my ground texture
3) Read the other topics right here many fellows have this problem


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Hi Angre,
Thanks for your help . So I just rescale my 1024x1024 pics with some pixels for the border :)
I'lll try with your solution, thank again !