Welcome to the all New Microsoft Flight Form


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We are pleased to be able to open a forum on developing third party content for Microsoft Flight.

I am sure I don't need to say this but I am going to anyway and I hope y'all will take it in the spirit is intended.

Flight (like most MS Flight Sim updates before it) created a lot of heat from the community. People thought and said many things about Flight to the extent that we closed the last forum for this simulator. We did so because there were no tools to modify it, add content and so on.

This has changed with all the great work done by Steve and the other guys he mentions.

If you liked Flight then here is the chance to make it into something better.

If you do not like it then there are all the other versions of sims that we support and love.

Whatever your views please don't start rehashing past passions about this product.

Thanks :)
I would also like to add that it is possible that developments for Flight tools may also benefit other simulators, so don't discourage efforts here. For example, there have been some ideas to use the SimProp libraries for Flight to merge autogen descriptions for multiple FSX addons together when they are installed.