What about OSM 2 World, any interest for FSX?


I learned about the conversion of OSM to 3D using a tool OSM 2 World, that can export to OBJ files that is supported by MCX and other 3D tools I think

Perhaps with this tool complex OSM shapes can get 3D models that can be tweaked after that and have better textures assigned who knows...



I thought sharing in case you see any useful use for FSX

Did anyone tried it yet?!



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Might be useful if it can make fully textured buildings. But if it just extrudes the footprint of the building to a box, then I don't think it adds much. scenProc can do that as well and I hope to add better texture options when I have some time for it.
Yeah perhaps, I did not try it myslef just read about it and in their Wiki they mention the texturing process + maps but I do not know if it is worth it

I thought that it could be an addition to Scenproc for complex footprints but I guess one day scenproc will handle those :)

If I recall correctly, the osm data can be saved as a kml or kmz file and backed into FSX by means of FSX KML. Another developer and I were experimenting with this but we found that for a given area, the OSM data was a one-line system...that is to say that there was a vector making up a street and a retrace vector. We needed a script to remove the retrace vector for it to be usable in FSX.