What does the community want?

I have tried and failed 2 projects so far however im up for making an utility so much as coding is part of my collage life next year and i was really wanted to know what 2 things
What utility features are missing what people would like to see for p3d,fsx and xplane
Do you think it is impossible to make an tablet that can be used in any add on aircraft.
The main reason i want to start is to help the community and have something to fill my twitch steam. thank you for any reply's
( if i have put this in the wrong forms pls tell me


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As noble as your intention to help the community is, you might want to recheck your motivation. Two failed projects, using Twitch as an argument and lack of orthography aren't the best pretext to start a project that might involve a lot of expectations.

If you're reall, reallyy desperate for inspiration: A successor to AI Smooth, using SimConnect instead of FSUIPC and being written in a newer Visual Studio has never materialized.
Remember, not everyone has P3D. FSX is still massively used. Even FS2004 is still massively used. Using something that works in all simulators would give you a spread of 6 different product lines. ;)

* FSX Steam Edition
* Prepar3D V1
* Prepar3D V2
* Prepar3D V3
* Prepar3D V4
ok thanks i will looking into this and the two projects failed cause my team member had to leave due to personal issues and i felt i couldn't continue as for the twitch part im putting something i enjoy with something else i enjoy at the same time. Im not doing that for any gain just doing what i enjoy i.e flightsim and talking to other people
ye the community is so split. Any way for me at the moment its in the thinking stages. I just dont want to go into something nobody wants nor needs thats why i need ideas


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That mindset won't get you far. Most of the willingness to learn or to do work has to come from intrinsic motivation and not exclusively by responding to external stimulus.
I have found that its similar to gambling or the lottery. You build what you think people will like, release it, and it could go really bad or really good or somewhere down the middle. The ones you dont think will do good end up doing awesome, and the ones you think will do amazing, fail... Its odd. But, if you like the work, you get over it.
What might be nice if it does not exist already, would be a measuring tool for FSX and P3D. It would be very good for developers to be able to measure distances and heights on objects.

A tool that can load Sbuilder style images, at the user desired LOD, into sketchup.

I'd pay $$ for that license.