What Happened to My Bgl File?

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There are several ways that a bgl file may 'go missing' most are not directly related to ADE.
  • First make sure that you know where it is going - check the folder. If you are running Vista then make sure that there is no setting that is preventing files being written to the folder
  • Compiler error. It is possible, though unlikely that ADE will generate a compiler error. If this happens then the error will be displayed in a box for your to deal with. The most common error is still boundary fences. In this case you are probably using the original version of BflComp that came on the deLuxe DVD so it needs updating
  • Still no Bgl file? then make sure that you have MSXML 4 installed correctly on your machine. ADE does not use it but BglComp does. If you have multiple installations then try removing them and make a clean install
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