FSX What Is A Good Airport Photo Site

Hi everyone.

I'm just wondering if there are any good airport photo sites that you know of. I'm working on KDSM (Des Moines International Airport) I have been using http://www.airliners.net/ for a few hangars, but it's not enough, and I don't have access to the airport.

Thanks in advance.
While I don't have any advice on where to get good airport photos I encourage you to take a look at Forest - FSX / P3D Tree Placement Tool available here. It's a new graphical utility to help airport scenery designers quickly place vegetation according to real-world location for the region within about a 10km radius around an airport.
Don't know of any particular site as people tend to get dragged away for questioning if they photograph airports. For example, even google streetview leaves out roads that are around major airports.

You can try searching picture sharing sites like instagram, flickr, panoramio etc for the airport name, some people take holiday photos and you may get lucky.

You can also try googling this:
des moines airport filetype:pdf
Sometimes there will be reports done on an airport (usually for expansion plans) and these may include photos if you are lucky.


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www.bing.com/maps has 45° angle maps that you can rotate, so you can see the side of airport buildings. You have to select "bird's eye" at the top of the screen and zoom into the airport to get the 45° angle.
I never thought of using flickr. I love bing maps birds eye view, I've been using it for years.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
you can try jetphotos.net. If you're really struggling like I am then sifting through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr has found me treasures too. Although you have to sift through a whole bunch of selfies and food shots. Small airports then to be much easier on social media sites as there are fewer photos of people inside the terminal which usually isn't that helpful for modelling the outside of an airport.
Flickr and Panoramio the best by far

Also try "Photos taken at X airport" in facebook, they recently added this feature late last year, it helps me a lot doing NSTU Pago Pago