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MSFS What is the simpliest 3d object from blender to msfs2020

Hi Folks,
I am dipping into this whole msfs2020 scenery as I want to add VFR VRPs to my local area (VFR is sooo much better in msfs2020). I have dabbled with creating 3d objects in the past, but this is completely different to my day job as a Software Engineer. I prefer to get the whole pipeline working before I start focusing on learn parts of it.
So my question is, what is the absolute minimal 3d asset in blender that can be exported using the MSFSToolkit that would be happily accepted by and found in the scene editor. I have tried the default cube scaled to 20 units (metres) with the default material. Do I need a texture, etc for it to be even considered?

Once I have the simpliest object, I can take it from there using my normal process of change, backout, change, backout, ooooo it works, move onto the next thing.



Resource contributor
A cube should work as it is. If you want to be fancy you can also give it a color. It might be necessary to set the material mode to MSFS Standard, if it doesn't work on first try.

Lights should also work out of the box with the newest version of the toolkit.

The best way to start is copying one of the sample projects in the SDK and exchange the 3d model for yours.
Thank you sir for confirming a cube will be enough. And it is. I now have a white cube sitting just north of of the Cardiff Airport runway :)

Not sure what action caused it to work, whether it is using the template XML from the sample project, bouncing MSFS after loading a project so the scenery asset appears in the object list or something else. The Systems Tester in me will find out what is causing the issue. Obviousily the SDK is still beta so hopefully they will improve the initial startup so it works out of the box. until then. I feel like, as a beginner I should do some videos.