FS2004 What values to change?

I have a couple issues with my Firefly wondered if someone could help me figure this out.

Ctrl-E starts the engine, but then suddenly stops. Crack the throttle slightly, starts, and runs, I figure this is normal but on other aircraft the engine can be started with 0 throttle.

While at a cruising speed of 220 mph, I get an overspeed warning, the aircraft starts to shake, and then takes an unrecoverable nose dive.

The elevator trim is too sensitive and hard to dial in the correct spot for level flight.

When deploying flaps, the nose tends to pitch upward severely causing a stall.

Can someone suggest changes in the cfg ? Thanks I really appreciate it.


Roy Holmes

Resource contributor
1. Start/idle. [piston_engine] idle_rpm_friction_scalar= 1.0 . Reducing that value might help
2.[Reference Speeds] max_indicated_speed =? Increase the value
3. [airplane_geometry] elevator_trim_limit =? Decrease the value
4. [flaps.0] pitch_scalar= 1.0. Reduce the value or make it zero