P3D v4 What would cause Auto Pilot Approach Mode to stop functioning?

Hey all,

Oddest issue. Approach mode will not work now. I broke it. Only on one of my planes. Any idea's on what to look for?

I tried copy/pasting in the Boeing 737 AP section from its config to my Lear but that did nothing. Still locked out of Approach Mode.



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1) Autopilot entries in the aircraft.cfg

2) Autopilot mode panel clickspot code or any background code related to the autopilot

3) Pilot error. Approach/Landing mode requires tuning the ILS frequency and setting the appropriate course, being in range of the localizer and intercepting at an angle of 45° from the beam and staying below the glidepath for an automatic intercept.
Thanks Bjoern.

One of my Beta testers found that it was running on NAV2. I thought AP APR only runs on NAV1. hmmm... What on Earth did I do?