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Blender What's your work process for making UV layout guides?

Hello all,

Just getting into Blender and one thing I am trying to do is see if there is any easier way to make a UV layout guide (a guide sheet with all the UV mapping on it to aid texture painting but more importantly, to avoid parts overlapping and accidentally re-using part of a texture).

What I am doing at the moment is loading an image (my UV layout guide) into the UV editor, I then align my new UV above that to avoid overlapping any other parts. Then export the new UV map, load that into the paint program, copy and paste it as a new layer onto the UV layout guide, export that from the paint program and reload it in Blender. Is there a add-on or other method that can do this all within blender? Something that will take the current UV layout and write it onto the guide image so I can avoid exporting and merging and reloading.


Resource contributor
I usually simply wait with the UV unwrapping until I all parts for that uv are fully modeled. Once they're all done, I select all parts that go on one UV map, go to edit mode, press "a" (select all) "u" and select "unwrap". This will unwrap all parts at once and arrange them on the uv map. Once that's done, I go in and re-arrange to make better use of the space.
If I were to use Photoshop, I would then export the UV layout, import it into photoshop and start painting.


Resource contributor
To export the UV map ( that is after rearranging) you can export it from within Blender -> UV Editing -> UV (see image).

UV Editing.png