P3D v4 Where did my files go????

I can't seem to win for losing... So, when I uploaded my files here the other day, Jon gave me some advice. I followed that advice. That was on 18 Nov. I have done some major work since then. I save CONSTANTLY even with autosave working every 10 minutes. ADE has been running for the last 5 days. I had no reason to open my Projects folder until now.... but again, let me stress this... I CLICK ON SAVE AIRPORT CONSTANTLY!!!!! I must stress this because today, as a beta tester for windows on the fast track, I had an update so I SAVED then closed ADE. Rebooted the computer and updated. When I launched ADE it told me the file was corrupt. The autosave was also missing. WTH!!!???? So I actually opened the Projects folder and all the files ARE there.. However, They are all dated 18 Nov. The same files that were there when I archived and uploaded them here.

I launched the .ad4 file and it loaded with NO problems. However, everything I have done (a TON of work) for the last 3 days is GONE!!!! As if the probably 50 SAVES I made since the file date on these files never happened. So I ask again...WTH?????? And just to be sure it actually did work....while that folder was open on one monitor and the program open on another monitor I made a change, and SAVED....sure enough, the date/time on the .ad4 file updated to that moment as it should.. So UGH!!!!! Why didn't the file save those other 50 or so times!!!????!!!???

Just posting this as information as I am sure there is no way to prove all this to anyone...and guessing that for whatever reason those files are just gone!! And windows UPDATED...it didn't roll back. And it wouldn't have rolled back anything in this folder on this particular drive anyway...