P3D v4 Where do I add a "no crash detecting" command?


while doing first Alpha-Tests, one tester noticed a crash on a wall which is used in SODE for seasonal tweaks.
In ADE it is simply to click "no crash detection" while editing the buildings/objects. But how about SODE? Where can I add an appropriate command inside the xml and how is it called please?
MCX ---> Options---> Exportsettings ---> MDLWriter ---> NOCrash = True

And then export the MDL file in SODE again.
Already the MDL has no more crashbox and the plane does not break anymore.
Would be nice if everything would be that easy - it isn't...

Due to all my yet built objects, I already chose that option to be safe getting no crashes. So all objects work fine expect this one.
Maybe it has to do with the special surface? The object it is about has hardened surfaces for cars to move onto it. So I also had a look inside the "object hierachy" menu, detected there inside that the model parts indeed has a "no crash" option as well and so happy about it, I changed it to "true" and -
....crash again.
Had a look inside the object hierachy again I noticed the model parts were set to "false" again....
Why can't anything work from scratch? The airbase could have been released for months...
Start MDL, activate display crash boxes...
If a crash box can be seen in the MDL, there is a special entry CrashTree in the object hierarchy.
And only then an airplane crashes on this object.