Where to start in learning to do just one thing in SimConnect

Hey all,

I wish to learn to do one thing in SimConnect. To make something hover. Always wanted to make things hover and had to always use flaps. SimConnect can fix that. Can someone please tell me where to start on how to get this moving? I wish to know how (how) its done, so I can do other things. For instance, I needed to have turning abilities on my last project, and also to control drag and things that were outside of the FDE capabilities.

I would be very grateful for any guidance.

Also... Does Prepar3D V4 require a different version of SimConnect 'files' or does V1-2-3 and FSX files work in V4 64bit?

Bill... of the giant... huge... shiny... metallic... gray... eyebrow people...
Oh Bill,

You know that v4 is 64 bit and the others are 32 bit. So there is that. What version(s) are you targeting?
Also v4.x uses different platforms for compiling. 4.3 -> Visual studio 2015 platform 140. now v4.4 -> uses VS2017 platform v141

Since you look like you want to make an FDE you should look at Simulation variables. specifically the body velocity. Try some example ones. Some Setdata and transmitdata, the throttle control sample, instead of throttle set the body velocity, just spit balling here.

You should learn C++/C, because C# means you need to make an exe that works outside P3D. C++ allows you to make a DLL (or "gauge" for this).

Does some sort of autopilot code give you a basis for your hover control function? Look at/google PID controller - there maybe example here. search proportional

Good luck
Dang, Ron. Many thanks. You are a person of much knowledge. I didnt know you knew this much about SimConnect.

And I am back to learning C++ again. I guess its time.

Thanks again,

Thanks Bill, but there are a lot of people here with greater knowledge than me. I have enough to get me in trouble :D Google C++ tutorials. lots on line - you don't really need to worry about too much C++ 11 vs. C++ 17 etc etc.

I'm sure lots here will help out.

Merry Christmas to you and all the FS devs here.:santahat: