FSX Which airport ?

Thank you for all the answers. Now we are looking what we will do. We have Frankfurt, Singapore and Göteburg. But we dont really know which airport we will develope with Abu Dhabi.
Singapore has already been done by ImagineSim, so there's no need for another Singapore either. So forget Frankfurt and Singapore and focus on airports that are in need of a scenery.
Those are all possible options. If you'd rather develop a European airport you could pick for example Bordeaux, Geneva, Malaga, Bucharest and of course Göteborg.
+1 for Caïro, that has been a missing link for far to long now.
Great location between Europe & the Middle East and functions as a gateway to Africa.
There must me a decent market for a high quality Caïro...
It is not my scenery. I am only doing part of it. Maybe next is ESOW. But all that is up to "Floda".
Just wanted Ready4takeoffsimulations to know that it is already worked on.
The airport itself is ready but we are trying to still improve the texturing of the objects with newer photos. The taxiways were newly asphalted only a couple of months ago so we had to redo things to have it up to date.


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If you have trouble looking for an airport to do, why don't look at the statistic how busy the airport is?
Click here World's busiest airports by passenger traffic. So you can get the idea which one need to be done. Then search in Google that the one you picked has done in FSX or FS9. If you search for WSSS for FSX you will get the result that who has done this one. The result of searching will be this WSSS for FSX . Simple, easy and no guess need to be done.
Such a big airport is not easy to make, I am working on WMKK and it took me almost two years and not done yet.
Doing one big airport is a big investment both time and effort. You can repeat what other people did if you think it is not good enough and you can beat them. Otherwise, do not do it since you will get to nowhere.

I have searched for a while and most of those busiest 30 airports on the list have been done already excepts a few ones in China.
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That ESGG looks exactly like the Swedflight fs2004 scenery with minor tweaks.... You should do a complete makeover, so ready4takeoff, please do a proper ESGG :)
It may look like it, but it absolutely isn't. That ESGG scenery has been released by now and I can tell you it's looking a whole lot better than on those pictures when it was just WIP. So really no need for another ESGG scenery.