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Which attributes are required in XML


I'm working on an new method to creat an airport! I have written a converter from Shapefiles( Dbasefile) , it's a vector format(the airports are in this format), to the XML form! But now I have a problem with the completed bgl-file! It won't work in the FS04! There are attributes which must be in the xml file?

Thx for help!


Have you read the BGLComp SDK? This document describes the structure of the XML file.

I don't know which elements you are trying to place, but in theory if you place the apron command inside the airport command that should be enough to get your aprons showing.

Yes I have read the SDK and I think there are no problems with the XML code, at least there are no errors by the compiler! I have placed the runway command inside the airport command , which must be enough!? I think so ! Is it sufficient to copy the BGL file in the path C:\...\FS09\Addon Scenery\scenery to get the file showing in fs?
Yes, placing the BGL file in an active scenery folder is enough to get it showing into FS. You might also want to check if you have entered all coordinates correct, only small minus might place your scenery on the other end of the world :).
ok, now the problem is located! I must only search, for example EDDF, under the default scenerys and not under addon/scenery. The old Microsoft file will be overwrite and your created file is able to used.
Normally you do not have to overwrite any file. As long as your BGL file containing the airport is at a higher priority then other files containing the airport as well (for example the default scenery or files made with AFCAD2, SceneGenX) your file should show.