P3D v4 Which parametre is responsible for taxi speed in aircraft.cfg?

Hi experts,

I have an aircraft that needs a lot of thrust before it starts taxiing....and stops immediately when I reduce it just a little. As if the parking brake wasn't release completely.
I am used to taxi with jets which starts rolling without any thrust and have to use the brakes to prevent faster taxiing. To my opinion this is the more realistic behaviour of a military jet.
Is there a parametre inside the aircraft.cfg I could maybe change to let the jet start rolling without any thrust?

Roy Holmes

Resource contributor
Depends on what era have you based your concept of military jets on. The early British jets like Vampire, Meteor and Hunter had single shaft turbojets that idled with low thrust. Those needed a fair amount of throttle to get moving. Then came the era of twin shaft turbo fans which had higher thrust at idle. The later ones of them had high idle thrust and, if lightly loaded would move once the brakes were released.
So the cause is the idle thrust and that is a function of the engine tables in the air file. If you have one airplane in the sim with high idle thrust and one with low idle thrust the difference lies in the air file, not the aircraft.cfg.
Thank you, Roy. May the "airfile manager" be an option for some improvement trials? Sorry, but I am a newbie on that.
Hi Manfred,
maybe this will help you...