Which version(s) of P3D are you using ADE with?


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I am considering removing support for earlier versions of P3D. However first I would like to know which version(s) you are using ADE for? If it is more than one version (why I am not sure) then please identify the primary version. A one line reply to this post would be perfect

Thanks :)

I have P3Dv3 naked. I develop targeting this system and am able to relatively quickly start the sim and see the changes. The other important reason for P3Dv3 is the ability to use Instant Scenery.

I have P3Dv4 loaded with OrbX and AI and consider it my main sim. Start time is pretty longish. So after every major step in development I compile for P3Dv4 to see the result there.

From mobile hence short
I am using only P3D V4.5 plus HF2.

However, I am still running ADE 1.71.6177 on XP as my primary compiler.
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I mainly use the FSX and P3Dv4 options, but I do use the P3Dv3 option in order to compile P3Dv2 native files for use in V2 and V3. This way I'm not always needing to swap the directories in the settings.