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this is my first post here because I start just few days ago to make my own scenery.
My question is regard whisplacer. I have no problem with adding library object and compile bgl, it's so easy, but the only problem is that I can not display generic building in any way. I click "Add Generic Building" button and then edit the building textures (and its measures), but then I can not see it in preview. Does anyone know hot to solve it?


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Generic buildings can not be shown in the live preview, you can only see them after you compile the bgl.
Hi Arno,
Ok but i dont see them after compile bgl too, save the project and restart fsx with the bgl in addon scenery. The bgl is correct, I can see every library object and every effects applied, but not those generic buildings..
With sbuilderx I hadn't this error, once I compile bgl (altouth sometimes it does not compile at all, I never understand why..), then I find the generic buildings up there where I put them. For object placement I found whisplacer easier, so I would like to use it..



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Hi all.

I'm digging up this old thread because I also ran into a similar problem. Thw Whisplacer compiled BGL does not show all objects... or sometimes any in FSX. The BGL has a mix of library objects and generic buildings.

The cure was to use BGL2XML to decompile the placement bgl, and then recompile the bgl.

SBuilderX can also import the saved Whisplacer XML, and then it can be compiled by SBuilderX ( as SBuilderX will rewrite the XML before compiling the bgl ). The problem is with the Whisplacer XML file. Examining the XML it uses to produce it's bgl shows the xml is using the UNIX standard of text, giving line-feeds for new lines, rather than the Windows standard of carriage-return & line-feed. There may be other reasons why the bgl fails, or partially fails, but decompiling to xml and recompiling fixes the problem.

I know Lamont would not revisit this program, but the code is in public domain, so perhaps someone could rework or replace Whisplacer.
Hi Dick:

IIUC, "reading in between the lines" (...again ! ;) ), it may be possible after following the work-flow you described above, that one could somehow add the imported BGLComp XML code for Generic Buildings into the SBuilderX version 3.15 to display a live 3D preview of them, and then use them via that SBuilderX GUI tab for {Generic Buildings} ?

Since Helli Hauck's and Luis Feliz-Tirado's tutorials on Generic Buildings do not address a possible method for importing existing BGLComp XML definitions for such objects into SBuilderX, IMHO, would-be users may benefit from an explanation of the SBuilderX process for creating / storing "template" Generic Buildings which can be "loaded to the top of the popup for either placement or editing" ...after initial scanning of the SBuilderX Help file and the concepts discussed here: :pushpin:


SBuilderX probably has the best Generic building tool. When you select the object icon, make the placement in the center of the building area. Then go to the General tab and select object type as Building. The bottom of the popup shows different stored buildings.

These can be loaded to the top of the popup for either placement or editing. new styles can be stored. Pushing OK places the building. the corner can be used to size, and the point from the centerline will rotate the object.

If FSX is open, you can use the aircraft position to place the object.

If you plan on using the default landclass rather than photoreal, then you will need some exclude vectors to remove the default buildings ( AB_Exclude_Autogen ). You might have to try to make a screenshot and calibrate it in SBuilderX to help with placement.

The Generic Building tool works pretty good when you get the hang of it. To make a new "stored" building, "load" a premade one to use as a template, then edit that, and store as a different name.


Thanks in advance for sharing additional insights on the work-flow above, as well as how it 'might' used with SBuilderX. :)

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