FSX Why does FSX stop working after you have created a traffic file and run FSX?


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In fact, I have created so many traffic files and FSX is so conducive to accepting traffic files that the concern immediately falls to your technique, if you don't mind reviewing it here, or your definition of "not working," as an example, because you mixed FS9 traffic files with FSX traffic files, now FSX (AI traffic) is not working. So, more details are critical for anything definitive.
Hi Thanks for the answer-I do not mix traffic files with FS9 and FSX, I'm also doing Google Earth and TTools or similar.
I draw the route with Google Earth and save it as a kml file and make plans and which ships will sail on that route. and when you test the route to see if the ships sail on that route, FSX can suddenly stop working.


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I can only commiserate, it is the only thing I have enough information for. Maybe consider uploading problem files or images of procedure. I get that you use TTools, maybe. There is probably a procedure you follow, that would be good to share, there is probably a particular AI vehicle you invoke, that would be good to know about, etc..
In your Plans_all_3900.txt you have several courses with the same number :3946 and 3940. I always use a different number for each course, whenever the direction.

In the same file, the course number is the same of the kml roads. I never repeat as that. May be it cause a conflict?
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Thanks for the answer.
I have also tried to make a single route with only one name / number. But when you slew with FSX it can also appear on the screen. If you draw a route on google earth and overlap the character can it also be due to it?
it can also appear on the screen
What do you mean?

I also note that in your KML file you have many paths with the same number. I always name path's with different number.
I have otherwise given them different names as 3940.3391 and more.
But what can you recommend? what should I do? can you give me an exembrel