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Why does this happen when I try and bake Ambient Occlusion?

My baked AO is all polygonal. I've checked and there aren't any intersections there or internal faces.

Hidden objects? Overlapping UVs? I am running into similar issues and it always seems to come down to something like that.
Hidden objects? Overlapping UVs? I am running into similar issues and it always seems to come down to something like that.
Nope, everything is unhidden and I specifically unwrapped this so there weren't any overlaps.
I've even tried deleting it face by face just to check there's no hidden internal polys too, and I can't find any.
and your resolution is set right.... I use 8 on everything. I do see and n-gon at the end as well. One other thing,try disabling shadows, just a thought, they may have an effect on ambient occlusion, making it too dark or something.
Seems it was intersecting polygons in the same object, but significantly, it was intersections that were no-where near the part that was wrong.

If I detach the part I'm baking as a new object and bake, it come out fine. So I figure I can just split my object by material, bake everything and join them back together before I export.
More than likely this is caused by how the UV are done. Also, may need a loop cut inside and along the edge. Where are the seams at and were any edges made into smooth edges?
Have you checked that all the normals of the mesh are facing outside using the face orientation overlay?
It might also be caused by stray vertices messing up the normal directions